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{on a tuesday}

random musings:

one. i hate staples. i much prefer paperclips. a whole lot less permanent and a whole lot more neater.

two. i like tattoos. i much prefer tattoos over body piercings. i am in to much more permanent body art which totally contradicts my hate for the permanent nature of staples. {see above} i have five. i am planning my sixth. wanna see my ideas? click here: tattoo ideas.

three. what i mostly hate about staples is when people just randomly throw together a pile of paper and click a staple through the middle where i can't flip through the stack and see what i need to see on the paper. if you absolutely must staple stack the papers neatly and put it in the top left corner of the page. it is very simple.

ocd staplers of the world unite!

four. i love when i google image "messy stapled papers" i get these results:

five: i love that "google image" is a verb.

six. we had a youth lock-in easter weekend. we took 33 young people bowling. we made them listen to "90s on 9" on the sirius xm radio. when coolio's "gangster's paradise" came on and the two sixteen year olds in the back seat of our car didn't know it i laughed.

then i cried. because i am old. and they weren't even hardly BORN when that move came out.

seven. i am addicted to pinterest. most of my quality brain power every day goes in to scouring the web for pretty pictures to pin and staring wide-eyed at the computer screen all day at work admiring the beauty that is available on the web.

eight. i am thinking about reading up on graphic design, blog design and html. mostly because i need to be learning something constantly and my work bores me. secondly because i love to stare at a computer screen all day. and third because people who can do that amaze me and i want to be like them. and amaze myself.

i think that is all my random musings for this tuesday. i will be returning to my dave ramsey posts next week and it will explain why i haven't been around.

tell me one random musing you have had today.


  1. I too hate staples, they just annoy me. I also LOVE tattoo's, I only have two but I plan on getting more. :) Okay the fact that a 16 year old didn't know what Gangster paradise is, make me feel old and i'm only 22. I am very excited to try pininterest. I just got the invite this morning to join their site. :)
    I love you randomness. :)

  2. 1. I don't hate staples so much as when people staple/hole punch with out lining the papers up. Why doesn't everyone understand that it is NECESSARY for your papers to line up neatly on all four sides?!

    2. Love tattoos. I have almost come to grips with the committment of my 5th permanent piece of artwork. :)

    3. If it makes you feel any better, half of the words you use, I have to look up on ubran dictionary or ask what they mean...which makes me feel old!

    4. Numbered lists are one of my favorite things!

  3. If it makes you feel better I am picky about staples too. I don't hate them but I do agree that the paper needs to be lined up just right before inserting a staple. Geeze people!



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