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negativity, squared

i would like to vent for a moment.

a few days ago i wrote a really sweet and heartfelt post about one of my best friends, ashley, and her adorable children.

someone left an anonymous comment that said some pretty ugly things about her. i deleted it as soon as i saw it which was unfortunately several hours after it had been posted.

i figured that honesty was the best policy and did not want ashley to think that, had she already seen it, i would have left it up there. so i told her that i saw it and deleted it. and because whoever it was seemed to know the details of my wedding i assumed it was someone who was still ashley's friend so i wanted to protect her in some way.

needless to say, these hurtful things upset her and in turn the small, tiny, thoughtless comment that should have never existed has now exploded into a mess.

i want to invite whomever it is that reads my blog and has the wearwithall to say such ugly things to have the courage to take ownership of it. if you have a problem with ashley that is none of my business. but my blog, my personal little slice of the internet, is by no means the place for you to tell the world about it.

perhaps you would like to show some adult characteristics and tell ashley herself?

i would like to cut all ties with you since you don't really much care for any of the people i care for anyways which was more than evident when you took your stand on my blog. especially since you seem to pretend to like ashley in the first place.

and feel free to never come back here. you obviously don't like what i have to say so why waste your time?

now on with our regularly scheduled programming. no more negativity. all positive. i promise.


  1. Your first troll!

    I've been blogging for over five years now and trolls are the WORST! Even worse is that they are usually someone that you know who is taking the opportunity to be anonymous on the Internet and use it to say mean or hateful things. All I can say is that the person who left the comment is probably hurting very, very badly on the inside. And for some reason, they think that nasty comment will make them feel better. Even if you never find out who it is, you can rest easy knowing that you're in a much better place than he/she is.


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