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house tour!!!

this is a tour of my humble abode. does it need any more explanation than that?

basically, i walked through my house and took pictures. woot!!

a few disclaimers:
~the "floor plan" is absolutely not drawn to scale and came from floorplanner which is a free web tool to {you guessed it} sketch up floor plans!
~this post took entirely too long to edit pictures, draw up a floor plan etc etc. therefore i did not clean or i would have just beat my head on the desk and given up. just keepin it real folks.
~you will be able to find this post as a tab at the top of the page as well and most likely i will be using these same pictures for before/after pictures as i change things in our home in the future

house tour_floorplan

our house is basically a long skinny rectangle. the floorplan is really very strange because, as you can see, the living room is separated from the rest of the house by a long hallway. where you see those double doors going from said hallway into the kitchen it is really just an opening in the wall. there are no doors there. but i wanted to give you a spatial perspective because the pictures don't do a great job of relaying that

house tour_walk in

this is what you see when you walk in my house from the carport. the pie safe is what i use for a pantry and it belonged to my grandmother, as did the dining room table, which you get a small glimpse of on the right. the short brown magazine holder looking thingy is a smoking cabinet and that is where my husband keeps his pipes and tobacco.

house tour_1

if you were to look from that big opening in the wall back to where i took this picture from you would see this. the curtains go to the laundry room. we had a door there when we moved in but we couldn't fit our big bertha washer/dryer through. so that door now resides in our carport. to the left of those curtains is the door that leads out to our backyard. it is big, dirty and ugly and you really aren't missing much. also - see those brownish marks under the door knob??

those would be from sadie belle  "the smooth operator beagle" and her obsessive need to smell eeevvveerrryyything and sticking her nose in the tiny crack around the frame. don't be jealous.

the spray paint is for a project i've been working on meaning to tackle. there are also tools there on the table from my big chair makeover.

house tour_laundry

this is big bertha washer and hunky dunky dryer. they are such big mama jamas that i can't even sit them side by side. so they longingly stare at each other all day and wish they could snuggle up together and hold hands. but they are about a quarter inch too wide. i've taken them for walks and reduced their sock and laundry detergent intake but it hasn't seemed to help much.

the shelf is a temporary solution to hold cookbooks, paper goods and what not. there is also another set of cabinets that are peeking in from the right of the picture. that is where the dog supplies, dog towels, light bulbs, tools, pens, gum, etc etc etc are kept.

house tour_kitchen

this is my kitchen. this is what sold me on this house. i could deal with the paneling lined walls, the ugly linoleum floor and the sandy, no-grass-will-every-grow-back-there-ever backyard because of this kitchen. it is all brand new and while it isn't high end or fancy it is well built and easy to paint. it has good bones. that works for me.

house tour_dining room

and this is my dining room, which is really just part of the open, eat in kitchen area. that table and hutch were both my grandmothers. the crate is sadie's and don't worry. she won't let you forget it. the white blob on the floor to the right is the towel we use to wipe the mud of the feet from the backyard (remember - NO grass). the painting on the wall was my mimi's and it is so cool. it is a wine glass and the painter painted his reflection into the glass. i loooove that painting.

house tour_hallway

this is the loong hallways i was referring to earlier. i am standing with my back against the wall (which is actually a closet door) and looking down into our living room. directly to my left is the guest room, directly to my right is the master bedroom and that open door you see is the hall bathroom.

house tour_guest room

this is the guest room. the headboard is made from a door that my mom bought for me and can be peeped here as well. this room is mainly a hodge podge of things and i would like to one day have it all make sense. there is an old chest of drawers, two ikea shelves, a walmart tv stand, and two handmade hope chests. owing to the fact that our house is tiny sometimes things just get crammed in here.

house tour_master1

this, ladies and gentlemen, is where the proverbial magic happens. all of the furniture and linens in this room are from ikea. we bought it for ourselves as a wedding gift to each other and i have never been happier that we did it. we got the entire room, furniture, linens and mattress for around $1,800. which is quite a steal when you consider that most of the time just a bedroom suite can run around $1500.

house tour_master2

we do not have a tv in our bedroom anymore which has cut my tube-watching hours to almost nil. the pictures on the wall are in thrifted frames that i spray painted black. the pictures in them are from slides that we found at a garage sale of someone's trip to paris. they just developed red and i think they are super cool.

house tour_dresser wall

do you remember the paper maiche "m" that i made for my friend's baby? i will give you three guesses where that "m" came from and the first two don't count. the framed letters on the wall are from our cake topper. the hole on the right hand side is for a plate that i have been letting the disc hanger on the back cure on for oh... 8 months or so. (i think its probably ready). the colorful thing on the left hand side is our wedding invitation. the furthest right picture is where my hubby spelled out "i like u" in peanut butter m&ms which happen to be my favorite.

house tour_dresser dust

and that "proverbial magic" i mentioned above? i meant the omnipresence of dog hair and dust. like i said. keeping things real.

house tour_half bath

this is the half bath attached to the master. it is essentially my husband's bathroom. consequentially, it is also the first room i have in mind to do something with. for one it is tiny and for two no one ever goes in there except him. so if i royally screw something up he will most likely be the only one that ever knows about it.

house tour_hall bath

this is my bathroom, or the hall bathroom, or the "oops my husband got in here and didn't put the lid down" bathroom. so sorry about that. blech. it will be the second room that gets some love in the house.

house tour_man cave

three cheers for man caves! i can stick the hubs in there and shut the door and he doesn't bother me and i don't bother him and i can get a lot of work done while he is in there tinkering and piddling around. he is very proud of his room and actually keeps it pretty clean!

well aside from the time that an entire bottle of doe urine exploded in the pocket of his hunting coveralls and i was out of town and he left them hanging in there to "air out" because he was afraid if he left them outside we would have rutting bucks fighting over the hormonal, pheromone soaked camo coveralls.

{yes, you can buy doe urine in a bottle. eew eew eeeeew. please don't ask me how it is obtained. eeeeewwweeweweweeew}

house tour_living room1

and if you have enough energy left after walking down our 3/4 mile long hallway, you will find yourself in our living room. which is undoubtedly the smallest living room ever. or we have to much stuff in there. or both.

to my back in this picture is our front door. i don't think anyone has ever come to our front door. please don't. i'm too lazy to walk all the way down that hallway. just come to the garage, knock once, barge on in and be ready for the dogs to jump and slobber all over you.

house tour_living room2

here we are standing on the far end of the couch and looking back towards the door to the hallway. that mirror and table are probably my two favorite pieces of furniture in the whole house. they belonged to my grandma and i have pictures of both me and my brother hiding under them when it used to sit at the end of her hallway. i remember there was mauve carpet. oh grandma. i miss you. but not your ugly mauve carpet.

house tour_hall other

and this is the view of the long hallway from the living room door. so if you skip the first door (which is the ac unit and return) the doors are as follows: man cave, then hall bathroom, then master, hall closet down at the very end, then guest room then kitchen. and yes that purple barney luggage has been sitting there since i went to spain.

house tour_hall closet

in the closet at the end of the hall are towels, my wedding dress, the vacuum cleaner and a garbage bag full of plastic hangers. however that has changed since i took the picture. now it has luggage, towels and the vacuum cleaner.

and no this picture is not fuzzy. that is you. glasses mmmkay?

soooo that is mah house. and honestly if you showed up any random day to visit, this is probably what it would look like. no one has died from complications due to dog hair inhalation. yet.


  1. new follower! loved the house tour and yard redo over at A Glimpse Inside

  2. Yay, thanks for the tour, and also for not making your bed. Seriously, I loved it. Also, the sconces over your bed. I think they're kinda great. And your mirror from your grandma is AMAZING.

    Okay, I need to go do this with my house for the ol' blog but it just seems like such a huge, intimidating task...

  3. you make me laugh. i loved seeing the whole house! you have a lot of pretty things : ) i wondered if that suit case was left over from spain. that sounds exactly like something i would do... or have done.... : ) i can't wait to see what you're going to do with those bathrooms!!

  4. Loved the tour! Thanks for joining my keep it real linky party! I'm gonna go look a round your blog more :)


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