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honeyed pepper biscuts

{this can also be filed under: last minute ideas for church pot lucks}

last week the hubs and i decided, very last minute, to go to the pastor's farewell dinner.

oh. i should probably expand on that. we are united methodist. our senior pastors, elders in full connection or lisenced local pastors, are itinerate. meaning they are appointed to churches and are moved every so often. but that is a really long post for another day.

for today let's just go with this: united methodist pastors move. a lot. and every year we have a dinner to say goodbye to those that are leaving our district.

so, somewhere in the united methodist dogma, it is written that you are not allowed to eat at a pot luck unless you show up with food. between the hours of 4:30 and 6:00 pm i had to come up with something.

honeyed pepper biscuits

these are simple, delicious and have that great combination of fluffy, doughy, sweet & spicy.

frozen biscuits

i used pillsbury frozen mini biscuits. bake them in the oven while you take a quick shower for 20 minutes at 350.

honey & butter

meanwhile, get out your butter crock and honey.

what? you don't have a butter crock? you don't keep room temperature butter in your house so you can spread it thickly on a crunchy piece of toast at a moment's notice? blasphemy.

stop reading this right now and go buy one.

here i will make it super easy for you. click {here}

i promise you will thank me.

now. stir about four tablespoons (that's about half a stick) together with two big squeezes of honey. if you don't have a butter crock then it would be my recommendation to not make this on the fly and to let your butter sit out for at the minimum four hours. it allows it to have this super velvety texture when you mix it with the honey.


as soon as the biscuits come out of the oven, slather the honey butter on each of them. the butter will melt and drip everwhere and that is ok. once you have all the biscuits buttered. slide each one around on the baking sheet and sop up the rest of that butter.

don't let one drop go to waste. blasphemy.


before the butter all soaks into the hot biscuits, take your pepper grinder, or your pepper shaker - however you like to roll, and lightly dust the tops of the biscuits.

honey pepper biscuits

then break one in half, slather it with the rest of the butter and eat it before your husband can stop you. i promise. it is so worth it.


  1. Those look great! I'm hungry now..thanks Skye!


  2. thank goodness i am shoving food down my throat as i am reading this or i would be starving even more then i already am! :-)


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