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fancy & poke

see, i have this friend named ashley.
ashley and  her golden smile at hat tricks in lewisville, tx

ashley and i have been friends since she was in the 4th grade and her mother was my volleyball coach and i was in the 7th grade. ashley used to come to practice and her mom would have her serve to us to teach us how to pass.

yes - a 4th grader was serving up some major heat and kicking our little 7th grade booties.

then ashley and i were in high school together and we got in a fight over a boy named jeff woods. his nickname was "icky" which really makes me wonder why i would ever want to get in a fight over a boy named "icky".

ashley right in the center of the couch, recovering from the hat tricks night mentioned above
then we graduated high school and grew up a little and got to be friends again.

then her brother died. then her world changed. then our friendship grew exponentially.

ashley taking a picture of me and my mom getting ready for my wedding

then i got engaged. ashley was the first person to see my engagement ring and kept the secret from me the longest. ashley threw me an awesome bachelorette party and didn't make a big scene when she took off her four inch heels in the middle of my wedding.

ash wedding
i forgot to mention that ashley is one of the most beautiful people. ever.
then ashley got engaged. she bought me the most brilliant purple dress to wear as a bridesmaid. i hosted her shower and planned an equally brilliant bachelorette party.

pregnant ashley

then ashley got pregnant! or, from the looks of it, she had a glowing red alien in her belly.

ashley and noah

then she had noah.

fancy and poke

then i became a godmother. and chris became a godfather. and we became fancy & poke.


noah is quite possibly the cutest kid and has the best personality.
he gets it from his momma.


now they have molly, who is the tiniest buttercup baby i have ever seen!

so these two little bebehs mean the world to me and i can't wait to see them grow up!

oh and their mom is pretty awesome stuff too. she always makes me laugh and we understand each other in a pretty neat way.

love you ashley!


  1. awww this is really sweet. i love good friends like that. they are the best and ones to hold onto forever.

  2. Awe that is sweet. It's awesome that you have had a friend that long and that ya'll have got to experience wonderful memories together! Her babies are so very adorable!

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