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525,600 minutes...

five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes...

five hundred, twenty five thousand moments so dear...

five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes...

how do you measure, measure a year?

in memories... 

at my cousin's bachelorette party at pete's piano bar in fort worth, tx
mom on her first mission trip.
at the beach for one of the family reunions - this is in 2002
for my 23rd birthday we did the super supper thing
mom loooved crackin crab legs!
seriously old school here - every year we get christmas pjs. :)

on my wedding day!

in celebrations...

after my brother graduated from NSU
after my husband graduated from SMU

my brother and his wife at their reception

 in laughter...

at my cousin kyle's wedding

real belly laugh's at enochs

groucho marx day at NSU

in old friends...

liz and i in spain
ashley, me, lindsay and megan several years ago at a wedding

me, alina and mara at possum kingdom last summer

ashley and her son, my godson noah

adrian, sarah, me and jennifer several years ago in dallas

me, nina and liz on the night before my bro's wedding

rhiann and i at my birthday party this year

in new friends...

hubs, me, james and cynthia at church camp
woot pine cove!!

morgan and i at church camp (woot pine cove again!)

me and my brother from another mother, johnny

me and dan at church camp (woot for pine cove again!!)

in family...

my awesome, supporting, loving, amazing, brilliant husband :)

dad and i at his company christmas party, 2010

the whole fam dam at the fam dam reunion, 2009
me and auntie kay, my mom's best friend

me and dad at some meat cooking extravaganza

bill, lori (inlaws) & grammie at christmas, 2009

auntie kay and me, 2010

impromptu family get-together at dairy queen in white oak
dad, me, mimi and rance

mccall and i on her wedding day

one entire year has gone by and i have loved, lived and learned more than i ever thought i could.

i miss you mom. every day. i would give anything for five more minutes but i am so thankful for the time we had together.

thank you to everyone who said a kind word, gave a few moments of time in prayer, picked up the phone or gave us a hug over the past year. i may not remember every single one of them but i promise you the compassion and the love outpoured will never be forgotten.


  1. You are an amazing person and friend. The past year has shown how incredibly strong you are and I know your mom is prouder of you now than ever (if that's even possible)! I, too, thank God every day for allowing our friendship to pick back up where it left off. Love you!

  2. Love you so much! I am so thankful to be apart of your family and for your friendship. You have taught me so much and I dont think i can ever say thank you enough for what you do for me. You are pretty darn amazing! Your mom is so proud of you. As are we all! Hugs and see you in just a few days! Love ya sister!

  3. Such a wonderful way to have great memories of your mom! I miss her and think of you and your family often! Your mom is STILL so proud of you!!

  4. Skye, you are just like your mother in so many ways. I know she is looking down on you and is so proud of the woman you have become! You are a wonderful friend, daughter, wife, sister and so much more! I cherish our friendship and it brings me so much joy to know that you will be a forever friend! I truly love you!

  5. Re-living memories is a beautiful thing. I can't even begin to imagine what you have gone through this past year, but my thoughts and prayers are with you. *hugs*

  6. I am thouroughly amazed by you each day. Your perseverance your desire for living and adventure. At the same time, i am never shocked by these things for they are there very reason i showed Sabrina a ring and the same excuse i used to by your father dinner. you are so very strong and I pray you see your mother every time you try something new or feel you have to clean today cuz the world may end if you dont or in the times of excitement. may God continue to grant you happiness and friendships! love you TOPH


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