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30 day detox goals! {top five friday}

so i may or may not have mentioned this on here a couple of times but i am participating in a sweet little something called the 30 Day Detox, commandeered by the beautiful Kaelah.

today i want to make a list of five things that will make me feel better about myself and give me a more positive outlook on life in general. my goal is to do these things during the next thirty days during my mind & body detox!

private journaling

as a gift for my birthday i got a $25 amazon gift card from some dear friends of mine!
{thanks jared & alina!}

i decided that in addition to journaling in public here on the blog i would like to start a private journal as well. somewhere to document the crazy in my head that i don't want to share with the world.

i know - hard to think there is more crazy underlying this. ;)

i also know that i have to be real with myself. after a day of writing blogs, working {funny that blogging comes before work.. maybe i should reassess my priorities...}, doing laundry, loving my husband, playing with dogs, cooking and cleaning... am i really going to want to write a long drawn out soliloquy in my journal?
ummm. negative ghostrider. ;)

so with my amazon gift card i bought this:

one line every day for five years. and for the first thirty days i will write something positive that happened to me that day. no negativity. no sadness. no griping. i have so many blessings so why should i focus on these things? one positive thought a day. :)

lose seven pounds

there is no significance to the number seven. there isn't a medical reason i need to lose seven pounds. i just know that it would make me happy and i would feel better about myself if i did it. i just kind of figure that seven is a reasonable goal for thirty days.

addendum: figure out how to lose seven pounds while having nutella on toasted sourdough bread every day. conundrum.

paint the half bathroom in my house

house tour_half bath

i have got to lose the fear of starting a project. i need to get over myself and just do it already.

so here is a secret. i love to look at pretty pictures of homes. i love to dream of changing my house. i yearn for pretty and sensible and organized in my home. i lust after other people's spaces.

but pick up a paint brush and actually do something to make these dreams and yearnings come true? it gives me a stomach ache to think about it. what if the paint color i pick is wrong and makes the already tiny room feel smaller? what if i get halfway through it and run out of money? what if i finish it and i hate it? anxiety takes over and my brain reels with what ifs and fears and trepidations.

i need to get rid of the what ifs and anxiety. i need to make myself realize that nothing i can do is permanent. nothing can't be changed. and i need to realize the biggest what if of all...

what if i love it?

cook five meals we have never had before

in accordance with my favorite food bloggers, i want to get outside of the hamburger helper box and explore some new meals.

maybe i will be super-blogger-lady and actually photograph these and blog about them. if you are lucky. but don't they all sound deeeeelicious??

oh and i want to make this:

start working on my homemade/handmade business

i said that out loud?

i suppose it is true. i have a million ideas swimming in my head for things i can make and sell. i want to be creative and share it. i want to work from home.

my big three year goal is to
*pay off a big chunk of student loans & other miscellaneous debt
*have a baby
*stay at home and sell handmade products

{holy cannolli batman. saying it on here makes it real and that totally makes me all twisted-up-anxious inside}

i guess the best way to start that is to...

well... start it.

let me be clear. i want to do this simply to prove to myself that i can. i'm not out to make money or anything like that. (that is why i want to finish the debt off so i can do this without worrying about finances) so my goal in this next thirty days is to figure out what i want to do and how i am going to do it. and to make a plan and a list to get it done. because that is how my brain operates:


i do hope you stick around during the next thirty days to see where this might take me! :)


  1. 1- A private journal is a great idea and the one you got is very cute!

    2- Get the Jillian Micheals 30 day shred dvd. She kicks hard core booty, but it works. :) Just for an idea on how to lose those seven pounds.

    3- I know all about the fear and anxiety of doing something, that's why I had never done a furniture project until now. Even in the middle of it, I keep asking myself if i'm going to hate it, if i'm sure I should be doing this. But, I am doing this. So DO IT! :)

    4- Mmmm, those meals make my mouth water.

    5- I love this idea of working from home. I too want to do this, because I can be creative. I just don't know what I want to do! I hope you are very successfull at it and I wish you the best of luck!!1 :)

    I am very much looking forward to your posts in the next thirty days. I can't wait to see where it takes you!

  2. 1 - This is a great idea! I love the thought of one line a day, sounds totally do-able and not at all intimidating, which is what OTHER journals do to me.

    2 - I did 30-day shred right after I had the baby and it's kick-butt and SERIOUS. If you do that and like it, try the Insanity workout. BEST workout I've ever done EVER. How's c25K coming?

    3 - Painting is so fixable if you hate it! I love this blog post for getting my butt in gear and just trying something: http://www.thenester.com/2011/03/take-a-risk-day.html

    4 - You're killing me with these delicious recipes, lady!

    5 - SOOO smart to have goals like this! We prayed and prayed for this to happen and God made working from home possible SUPERNATURALLY. For REAL.

    Can't wait to see what/how you do!


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