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{top five friday} - tips for newbie bloggers

hallelujah - it is friday!
this has been a long week. what with recovering from the jet lag, a completely boring, slow week at work and getting all the housework caught up on after being gone for a few days, i am more than ready for the weekend!

i am really liking the top five friday idea from katie. soo... i am shamelessly copying continuing to draw inspiration from that idea, for a few reasons.

1. they are interesting
2. they give me something to blog about when i can't think of anything else
3. you learn a little something new
4. i can pretend i'm an expert at something
5. i like making lists (evident, no?)

surprisingly that is not the top five for this week

today i want to talk about some simple tips for newbie bloggers. some of them i have learned along the way and some of them i have drawn from my journalism background. i am by no means an expert in this field! but i have learned a few valuable lessons and want to pass them along!

1. blog about what you love.

i have been desperately trying to make this a home decor/crafting blog. but i have recently come to figure out that is not what i love to blog about all the time. so i am changing directions and blogging about what i love, which happens to be a mixture of home decor, crafting, family, pets, fun things to do, top five lists, everyday mundane life, daisies and burn barrels. but these are things i love and that bring me joy.

if you blog about things you love your passion will shine through! people will want to read what you write because you obviously enjoy writing about it! so whether it is how to wash a car properly, what happened to you in the vegetable aisle in the grocery store yesterday, or how much weight you have left to lose that fuels your passion - blog about it!


2. comment, comment, comment!

the easiest way to make connections with other people in blog land is to comment. bloggers loooooooove comments. they really do make everyone's day a little brighter (except of course for those passive, aggressive negative comments which are certainly going to happen). you want comments on your blog right? then be sure to leave comments on others blogs as well!

for a long time i couldn't figure out what to say. i mean, what can i say to this person about this blog that will be dynamic and relative? so i didn't leave a comment. but then i read this post from serenity now and a light bulb went off! even a few heartfelt words are encouraging to everyone. so just do it! leave a comment! :)

another tip to help you get comments is to ask a question at the end that will hopefully inspire a response from your reader!

3. take off the word verifications!

to begin with it is kind of annoying. and it is an extra step that will keep people from leaving a comment. and don't we all want comments? {see above} secondly, if you use blogger, it has an excellent spam catcher so the word verification is kind of unnecessary anyways. i have my settings to where i get an email immediately after you comment so if there is something inappropriate there i can delete it quickly but i have yet to have that problem so far!

4. add your email to your blogger profile

we want to chat with people who take the time to comment on our posts. we want to make connections and get to know people. it is almost impossible to do that unless your email shows up when you comment! so go. do it right now. i'll wait.

oh, you don't know how? that is no excuse.

here is an excellent tutorial on how to do it. go ahead, click here, i'll wait.

see? that wasn't so painful was it? now i can email you back when you comment on my post below! :)

5. pictures, pictures, pictures & give credit where it is due

it is true that blogging was created to be about your writing and what you had to say. it is evolving, however, into how well you take pictures and whether or not you know how to video-log (vlog). so, more often than not, if a post is allll words and no pictures i am probably not going to get every idea you try to relay to me. {sorry but its the truth}. i can't help if i have the attention span of a goldfish. i need visual stimulation to keep me interested. so give me pictures!  make them big enough to see! put a caption on them or describe them in the blog.

if you have to borrow pictures, make sure you have permission to do so and give them a link back to where you got it from. (several examples of this available in this post)


so there you go! a few tips for newbies out there who want to meet & connect with people and grow their blog! you definitely don't have to abide by these as they are not laws - more like unwritten rules. they will help you become successful!

got any more you would like to share? how about leaving a comment and tellling us!

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  1. woohoo for top 5 friday! maybe I should create a weekly link up or something?

    love the tips and totes agree! and i'm flattered that you like the top 5's so much!

    have a fab weekend girl!

  2. I love your top 5 list. Woops, I guess I need to go take word verification off. Hehe. :)

  3. awesome! these are great tips. I like the top 5 Friday idea!

  4. I love this idea too! And great list. I'm learning lots from you already!

  5. Hi Skye :)

    Found your blog through Housewifing on a Budget and I am in love! I am your newest follower and so excited to play catch up on your blog and for your future posts. If you have the time, I'd love for you to check out my blog: littlethingsbringsmiles.blogspot.com

    Enjoy your week!


  6. I like your blog post. I agree with all your points. I am a picture person as well. Too many words bore me.
    I LOVE your blog name. I totally talk that way - I am told it is because I think ahead. I don't know about that but it sounds good.
    Visiting you from A2Z and I am your newest follower.

  7. Awesome tips. Especially the one about the email address. It's frustrating to try to reply to a commenter and "no_reply" pops up as their address. Oh! And the word verification. Hate those with a passion. lol Thanks for sharing! :-)

  8. Love this list. I totally hate those word verifications! Hopefully more people will read your blog and take your advice!

  9. Hi friend! Fabulous post. I love that you wrote this, it's all so true!

    Thanks for visiting my blog so much :-)

  10. Janie @ Romantic DomesticApril 25, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    Great tips...email access granted now! LOL
    My favorite part of blogs are all the pics. I can't wait for the new posts for each blog I watch...and now yours.

    Romantic Domestic

  11. Great tips. I worry too much about my blog being too hodgepodge. But my life is hodgepodge so that's what I write about. And I'm so with you on word verification and noreply.

  12. Good points! I'll work on commenting more and just browsing less. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I am a new blogger myself and I REALLY appreciated these tips. I removed the comment word verification and made sure I had the email box checked. Thanks for posting this. It was a great help! I am trying to avoid making the rookie mistakes so any advice you can offer I will gladly take!

  14. I'm here from a2z and I am so thankful for the tips! Now...off to go take off that silly little word verification :)

  15. Hey thanks for the tips. I love the comment "I have an attention of a goldfish" too funny, and somehow I know exactly what you mean.

    I have a question for you. When I post comments my google ID comes up, but my blog is through wordpress. Any ideas on how I can have the best of both worlds?


  16. Great tips - I am still pretty new at this and am constantly amazed at how much there is to learn. Thanks for making it a little easier. :-)

  17. I'm new to your blog, so I just found this (from your best of 2011 post). Thank you! These are great tips! Much appreciated :)


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