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top five friday {my favorite things about spain}

hello friends!

i have returned from my whirlwind trip to spain! by whirlwind i mean that i think the jetlag from the trip over there has finally set in now that i am back. i was moving way to fast when i got there for it to actaully catch up with me!

in the style of one of my favorite bloggidy friends, katie, today i am going to whip up a top five list of my favorite things in spain.

one. pinchos
anywhere you go if you order a beverage, be it a cerveca, sangria or coffee con leche, it is served with a pincho. a pincho is a quick snack. we had lots of pinchos.

two. sangria
i went over there with a skewed definition of sangria. to me it was fruit soaked in red wine. i don't like red wine. just the smell of it gives me a headache. liz convinced me to have a pitcher of it. i am now a convert. i will be searching out and perfecting the perfect sangria recipe. it is sweet, a little tart from the lemon & lime juice, fizzy and just enough alcohol to make you a little giddy, but not intoxicated.

three. lanzarote in the canary islands
i didn't even know the canary islands were spanish. they are off the coast of africa; we went to lanzarote which is the most eastern of the canaries. we stayed at los zocos on the costa teguise. regardless of its location, it was one of the most peaceful and relaxing places i have ever been. someone actually told me that i was the first american they had ever seen on the canaries!

four. the aqueduct
the aqueduct in segovia is one of the oldest remaining examples of roman architecture. it is absolutely gorgeous and such a breathtaking piece of history. we climbed up a ton of stairs to get to the top of it to take pictures. it also created some pretty dramatic shadows and the view from there is not too shabby, although the view from the top of the tower is better {keep reading!}

five. the view from the top of the tower of alcazar
after a harrowing climb of 152 steps up the slimmest, steepest spiral staircase i have ever seen you are rewarded with one of the most amazing views of segovia. if you ever go, skip the castle tour and pay the 2 euros to climb these stairs. trust me.

i'm already planning a trip back for next spring. anyone wanna join us?


  1. All that sounds amazing! It sounds like you had a great time. :) I wanna go next spring! Lol.

  2. Sounds amazing, Skye!!

  3. I always wanted to go to Spain while I was in Europe, schooled in Switzerland, went to Italy, Germany, England and a few other spots, was born in France but never been to Spain. Glad the trip was good and enjoying your photos. Welcome back!

  4. i love your pictures! spain looks so romantic and beautiful.. and fun! i totally need to make it there some day... : )

  5. 1-love the top 5!
    2- count me in for pinchos! i always need snacks
    3- do share the good sangria recipe! i'm totally with you on sangria here- i've never had sangria that i like
    4- i'm coming with you next year!

    so glad you're back! love the photos!

  6. Uh yes, I would LOVE to go to Spain! That's one of hubby and my top places to see as soon as we can afford it. I loved hearing the top 5 perspective, cool stuff I hadn't heard about before!

  7. your comment just now cracked me up!


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