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top five friday - its my birthday!

well to be honest my birthday isn't until sunday, may 1 but i try not to blog on sundays.

and if i'm being truly super honest, i would actually say:

because that is how i say it in my head. yup - i'm a dork

now that we have my social nerdiness status established let's move on with the top five for this week!

five reasons i am so super stoked to be turning 29!

it is technically the last birthday i will be celebrating. i have this totally irrational fear of turning dirty thirty. i am afraid my body is going to fall apart on may 2 of next year and that all this fat will just start protruding from all sorts of weird places and that my dusty old uterus will no longer function and that my hair is going to turn gray overnight. so i am choosing to stay 29 forever. and ever. amen.


we are having dinner at one of my favorite local dives - enoch's. it is one of the first places that we were told "we had to go" when we moved here. it is a tiny, dark, smoke filled pub in monroe. they have live music there most weekend nights and some of the most absolutely delicious, greasy, grubby hamburgers you will ever have in your life. they also have really fun names like "the county mamou" and "blarney stone bleu cheese" and "the big arse burger." they all come with "chips" (or fries here in america) and a side of guinness gravy.

gravy. made with beer. made with guinness beer. gravy made with beer. are you listening?

GRAVY made with BEER.

{i rarely capitalize so you know this stuff has to be GOOD}

fun side note - enoch's is where i was when michael jackson died.

we are having the after party at one of my bestest bff's house. dan is one of our youth counselors and he and his wife love to host parties at their house. dan and i have so much in common it is crazy (things like our ocd budgeting, love of mexican food and inability to just let things go sometimes) but we get each other and that is why we are good friends! :)

after all the terrible storms tore through here he had eighteen inches of water in his backyard, flooding his garage and his storage building! he spent all day on wednesday cleaning up the mess and getting his fabulous yard ready for my party.

dan and me after "pitch black attack" at sr. high church camp,hence the face paint!

thanks dan! xoxo!
{yes katie, he is an auburn grad! war eagle!}

to be totally truly super honest i was afraid i would have a really hard time making friends in louisiana. i had never lived far away from my family and close friends in texas. this was my first big move and leaving everyone i knew and loved scared the ever living bejeebies out of me.
i'm kind of a homebody.
but, i am glad to report, that this year, i am looking forward to celebrating mah berfenday with some of the most amazing people, most of which i have met since moving to lousiana. after losing my mom last year i was so moved by how caring and supportive people here had been and i had only known them for a year. to say i consider my louisiana peeps some of my best friends would be an understatement.
i, like, love these guys!

{the plan is to edit this post and add a group shot of all my la friends after the party}
{edit to add - that picture is forthcoming, meaning it might be the fourth before i can add it. patience people.}

umm... in case you missed it...

do i really need another reason to be stoked?

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  1. skye! i didn't know it was your birfday! (that's how i say it sometimes!) i would have sent you a present!!!! i love your top 5 friday! you've cracked me up-- again. and you completely read my mind! i saw that auburn shirt and was already planning to give you a WAR EAGLE in my comments! pas it on to dan from me!

    Happy Birthday Girlie!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great time at dinner and the after party. Oh my gosh, those storms were insane, i'm sorry to hear about your bff's place, but glad to know they are okay!

    Your top 5 was greatness (yes I just said greatness) again. I love reading your posts. You always crack me up!

  3. Happy Birthday Skye! Better make it a good one since it's last one you want to have. Thirty is not so bad...neither is 40...or 50...lol. Age is just a number...along with a few body aches.

    Have fun!

    Romantic Domestic

  4. happy birthday!!!! it's okay to just be 29 forever you know. my husband is still 25. even though he is 27... ; )

    and your comment on my blog cracked me up!! you are so funny... to be honest, i usually go into marshalls/tj maxx with something in mind so it makes me feel a lot less overwhelmed. that store can be a touch chaotic so i could see how you could feel the way you do. what you need is for me to show you how it's done. theeennnn you would love it. maybe... probably.. : )

  5. Happy FIRST 29th to you lady! :)

    LOL @ "dusty old uterus" and randomly protruding fat. I have a couple more years until I get there, but the fear remains!

    Hope your weekend is perfect!


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