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spain - {day three}

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after our rowdy night out and sleeping in until two we thought it best to catch whatever sunlight was still out. so we put our bathing suits on and walked down to the pool.

um, to say it was cold would have been a complete and total understatement. we laid by the pool, liz bundled under her jacket and scarf and me with my towel tucked in all around me, shivering and both too stubborn to say "um it is cold let's go in."

we watched a couple of movies on liz's laptop and had dinner by the beach

we just ate at a little "dinner-by-candlelight-on-the-front-porch" kind of place. there were lots of families and groups of people there. it was one of those friendly places you just sit and enjoy for a while.

well if it isn't freezing cold that is!

the next day we flew back to madrid and took the bus from madrid to segovia where liz lives. it is about an hour and a half on a bus and about 2000 feet up into the mountains.

meaning that after we got there and i had to haul my 300 lb suitcase (at least that is how heavy it felt after hauling it around for two days and at this new, unexplored altitute) from the bus stop to liz's flat i thought i might just die.

but i didn't. i survived. yay! go me!

liz had two classes to teach that evening so i wandered around segovia. and by "around segovia" i mean i walked up and down liz's street because i was too scared i would get lost and no one would be able to communicate with me and i would never make it back to her flat and someone would kidnap me and sell me into some spanish prostitution ring and i would have to start using drugs to deal with the pain... wait. that was a movie. not real life. i digress.

and besides you can't find drugs in segovia. or so liz says.

anyways. i went to the grocery store and bought groceries for dinner that night. we had panzanella salad with all sorts of delicious fresh veggies and pasta covered in a buttery coat cheese sauce.

ok now i am hungry and i want goat cheese. help.

you have to buy your grocery bags there. did you know that? they are .01 euro. rubbish.

this is a lovely beautiful church directly across from liz's building.

all the streets are lined with trees and i bet it is beautiful there once everything is green with spring life.

directly behind the church was this pretty little park. there were lots of children playing and lots of younger folks pushing older folks around in wheelchairs.

{see the bell tower? that is the same bell tower from the picture above just to give some perspective}

the fact that they were in wheelchairs isn't really relavent except that you just don't see that much in the states. or i don't. or maybe i just don't pay enough attention.

there were these beautiful trees that had names that looked carved in them.

except they weren't really carved. when i felt them it was like they were painted on with concrete. i hope silvia and jorge are still in love.

in the back of the park was a neat little moat thing. the mural wall was done in mosaic tile and the little trickling water over the rocks made a nice little "tinkling" sound.

quite honestly it made me have to pee. (is pee an appropriate word for blogging? too late. that just happened.)

and at the beginning of the moat was a water wheel. i have seen a million water wheels in my life.

but this one is in spain. so it is special. it churns the water in spanish, not english. so therefore it deserved a picture.

every where you go there are tulips. i have never seen so many beautiful tulips.

they aren't in someones yard either. they are property of the city.

that is something else i don't notice a lot in the the states. it never failed that in every block of tall buildings, stores, flats and shops there was at least one small plot of green with some sort of beautiful flower growing there.

maybe we should stop and plant some green somewhere. it sure made the city a beautiful place.

i was hungry so i stopped in at pan's and had a bocadillo tortilla y coffe con leche y papas fritas.

or maybe it was because i was scared i wouldn't have a chance to have another bocadillo before i left and my life would be ruined because of it. either way. they put jalapenos on this one which made it extra special. i love a jalapeno on just about anything.

i also watched the spanish version of wheel of fortune while i was there. it was strange. i am usually so good at that show and i just couldn't figure it out. made me feel empty a little.

then i took another sip of hot coffee and all was right in my little world again.

day four - where i really make my debut as a tourist - will be coming soon! :)


  1. i love this post! your writing cracks me up. you did such a good job of making me feel like i was there with you! it sounds fabulous!

  2. The post made me laugh quite a few times, your such a good writer. On another note, I am JEALOUS, JEALOUS, JEALOUS. Lol. it all looked and sounded wonderful. I am going to have to there and soon!

  3. awesome photos. you are a hoot! as far as what movie i would show if Jesus were to watch one with me, I would say it's a toss-up between Newsies and Emperor's New Groove. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com


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