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niece or nephew & a surprise giveaway!

today is such a good day!

for one it is the last day of my work week. woot!

for the other i got this sweet little box in the mail:

inside is a surprise that tells me if i am having a

any guesses?

let's make this fun! the first three people to leave a guess that is correct will win a set of these {decorating with numbers} labels from wonderfully wordy!

so what do you think?

i get to open the box this afternoon with my husband so i will post the winners tomorrow morning!
{edit to add: one entry per person!!!}

disclaimer: i am not being endorsed by shelley @ wonderfully wordy for this giveaway. i purchased these labels to giveaway beause i love my readers and you guys make me smile every day!


  1. Ohhh fun! Can't wait to see how they revealed it in the box! My guess is... hmm... boy, but I bet I could make an accurate prediction if I knew her cravings - that's my specialty! :)

  2. {Hope I'm not posting twice, got a "cookie" error on the first one} I think I said... That's fun! I've got a new niece or nephew on the way, too - but it's way too soon to know. I've got a 50/50 shot.......I'll say GIRL! Happy Easter!! Lisa

  3. i thiiinkkk... hmm.. i will say girl! this is so exciting! i am excited for you!

  4. It's a boy! I can feel it! Thomas Anson is on his way! I am so excited!


  5. Hmmm I'm gonna say.... Boy! Either way is so exciting!!

  6. This is such a fun way to tell the sex of the baby! I am going to say girl!

  7. Girl! Girl! Girly girly girl! girls are the best! but boys are ok too. ;)

  8. What an amazing way to tell the sex of a baby! I LOVE it. Hmm... I say boy!


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