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guest post {jessica from housewifing on a budget}

one of the many pleasures i find in blogging is "meeting" all these wonderful people out here! a week or so ago i got a sweet comment from jessica on the front yard overhaul.

i hopped on over to her blog and let me tell you - this girl is a ball of cute, fun energy. if i had half the energy she projects on her blog i'd get a heck-uva lot more done around here.

without further ado, meet jessica!


hey all! my name is jessica over at housewifing on a budget where i blog about being a housewife (to a great man : ) ) and decorating my apartment.. that i rent.. with no money... it gets interesting : ) and here i am, guest blogging for neathering our fest (is that not SUCH an adorable and clever name?) and i feel a tad unworthy of the task, but i shall do my best. happy one year of blogging by the way!

so i debated a little lot over what to guest post about, being a newbie and all. so i have decided to talk about something we all love, future goals and dreams. i have so many projects i am trying to do around here! something urgent and pressing are these horrible, awful, terrible, horrifying cabinets this apartment complex has blessed me with.

i mean.. really? atrocious. that is all that can be said. i have asked for permission to paint them (i mean, doing them a favor, right?) but they were pretty reluctant. so i have thought about putting up contact paper. has anyone tried this? i am wondering if it will come off easily when we move.. what do you guys think?

the next project tugging at the decorating side of my brain is making a headboard. there is a space taped off around my bed where i want my headboard to go. it has been this way for about a month now.. i have faith it will get done... for real... eventually.. i will love the day when i can take the tape down! hopefully when my husband is on spring break from school in a week... maybe!! : ) the plan is to buy bead board and molding and paint it and just nail it up... sounds easy, right? that is what i always think. then... some sort of catastrophe ensues. but the end result is most important!!

this is my third project that also want to get finished badly. it is calling out to me. to get these guys:

onto this guy:

i am a little worried they are too small so i am trying to find a way to give them more presence... any ideas? i thought about painting some sort of something around the knobs to make it seem like they are larger but i just don't know.. suggestions please!!

my favorite goal... is basically still a dream...

 it is to turn this:

the rest of the room was messy... but this includes the whole room for these purposes : )

into this:


it's my dream that some time not so very very far away we will be able to change our little office into a sweet little nursery.... *sigh*

SO... (this is where i shamelessly promote my... blog?... myself?...myself/blog?....my blog/self?..) if you would like to follow some of these goals and dreams (and many others!!) then come over to my blog and follow along! and thanks so much to Skye at neathering our fest for letting me do my FIRST EVER GUEST POST!!! i hope it was somewhat worthy of being on this great blog!


thank you jessica for taking the wheel while i am off galavanting in spain!

make sure you click on over to her blog and check out

the girl has a bunch of great ideas swimming in her brain - i can't wait to see what all she shows us in the future! :)

be sure to check my crooked nose out at "i am" today.
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  1. Great blog post from Jessica! I hope you are enjoying Spain! :)

  2. How Great are the both of you! I love reading Jessicas Post for many reasons. Keep up the great work Jessica. Thank you also. I have a new BLOG to follow-Neathering our Fest.


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