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friday before & after {my new desk!}

so a while back i talked about a little desk that came into my posession...

it is a simple desk - it used to be a vanity in a friend's bathroom. but she bought an antique vanity and said i could have this one if i would just take it and get it out of her entry way.

and that is the story of how i came to be in posession of this little desk.

{for free}


well, the color of the desk wasn't working for me. and i really wasn't digging the big white chunks of adhesive left from removing it from the bathtub. and it was seriously clashing (in my eyes) with my new spiffy white filing cabinet.

so i painted it! i wiped all the cobwebs and tufts of dog hair off of it. i scraped the adhesive off. i gave it a pretty good sanding, wiped it down, put a coat of zinnser primer and two coats of my dutch boy sifted flour.

{i am really lalling in fove with this color. thinking about putting it on the kitchen cabinets.}

and now she is sitting pretty next to her bff for life, ms. filing cabinet.

 why yes, i imagine all my furniture as characters from sex and the city.

my mason jars and my newest little desk buddy - anastasia the armadillo

next task is to get the drawer under control. looks a lot like this:

yikes! better get to work! :)

p.s. i am also going to work on that chair! yeesh!

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1 comment:

  1. i loooovvve the desk! i love a good deal, so free= awesome!

    you're making me want to find a cute little desk to remake!


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