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{¡voy a españa!}

{¡voy a españa!}


{i'm going to spain!}

one thing i have always admired about spanish is that when they are excited about something - they are so excited that they use an exclamation point before the sentence. i mean - they are so excited that they want to share that excitement with you before they even tell you why they are excited!

last year one of my best friends, señora elisabeth, moved to spain on a grant to teach.

liz in a park near her flat in segovia
she literally packed everything she could in a suit case, sold or stored the rest, and moved to spain. she didn't have somewhere to live when she got there. she didn't speak the language. all she had was a little bit {or ok, a lot} of faith and quite a bit of determination, bravery and straight up girl power.

before she moved we had a big birthday/going away bash for her. i cried when she left. i miss her a lot. thank goodness for things like skype and email and the u.s. postal service's flat rate boxes.

liz, nina, baby noah, me and ashley at the going away bash
liz and i met one night while we were organizing the juicy tube cabinet in the lancome bay while working at dillards. we quickly realized we both loved organizing, crying during a story you tell to someone you just met and dropping rulers. {which is an inside joke and no i will not be explaining it here.}

on a fun weekend trip to dallas to hang with some girlfriends
we decided to move into the duplex (there is a long legacy behind the duplex which, come to think of it, would make an excellent blog post) and help my uncle remodel it. soon thereafter we got our first dog together - mabelle. 

obligatory picture of the world's sweetest puppy, mabelle
then we moved a couple of times, went through some really rough relationships together, had a couple of arguments along the way but here on the other end we are still the best of friends.

liz and me dancing at nina's wedding
i love liz for her quirky-ness, her ability to unashamedly never be on time, her amazing sense of adventure and most of all her loyalty. i hope she finds in me endearing qualities such as these.

 anyhoo - because my daddy loves me very very much i am going to spain! i am leaving today and will be back on march 7th. don't you worry your little heads though - i have plenty going on around here for you while i am gone! my aunt kay has a story for us, my sister-in-law mccall has a fun craft for saturday, i will be posting a before & after on my new desk and i will be introducing a new blogger, jessica!

know that i am keeping myself very very busy in spain to keep my minds off of missing my blog so much! and i will have a full report when i return :)

{¡véale pronto!}


{¡see you soon!}

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  1. so exciting!!! i knew you were going away of course, but i didn't know you were going all the way to spain!! 1) i am jealous and 2) so very excited for you! i hope we'll see lots of pictures when you get back!


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