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{just some random thursday fun}

i love thursdays.

ok not really but i hate for a day to think i don't like it. i would really prefer to skip thursday and go on to friday. but since that is not likely to happen i just kind of deal with thursday as it comes a long.

so to keep thursday interesting i want to share what i will be up to this weekend!

one of my absolute best, dearest friends is coming to visit me! :) 

me and nina

nina and i have known each other since we were in diapers. literally. i am older than her by 4 months. we went to the nursery at the church, sunday school, umyf, middle school, and high school together.  

the obligatory "everyone jump because we are all so happy" wedding picture
i got married in august. she got married the next month. she bought a house.. i bought a house soon after. she just had the most darlingest baby ever. 
used with permission

and that is one place i am not quickly following in her footsteps.

but that is definitely another blog for another day. :)

nina was an exceptionally beautiful pregnant woman!
 this weekend we plan to spend time together on my newly overhauled front porch, giggling and drinking wine! we are going shopping, thrifting and antiquing! we are eating some pretty darn good meals. we are going to sleep in on saturday and have coffee together.

it is going to be a really good weekend! hurry nina! get here!! :)

check out my before & after over at ashlee's today!

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