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what i wore wednesday

okay, this is my first time doing this... and i am a little nervous. i mean.. i am so a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal you know?

for starters, i wear jeans, boots and a company shirt to work every day. so i only get to dress up on the weekends. my weekends mostly consist of lounging around on the couch in pjs
ha. i wish.
doing youth/church related activities (that i am not usually dressed up for) and church on sunday. and this sunday i was stuck in the church kitchen baking 185 potatoes and packaging them for folks to pickup on their way out the door. so i definitely wasn't in my sunday best for that!

but friday i did actually decide that i would dress semi-cute for work instead of wearing the every day garb. so here it is folks.

jeans: silver from maurice's / mini-ruffle cardigan: maurice's / teal top: old navy / lace cami: maurice's /
necklace: made by me

did i mention i don't own a full length mirror? must look into that...

finger-knit neclace made by me thanks to gussy. :D

i love this ruffled cardigan. it goes with just about everything i own.

ruffle detail on the pocket... and rebel in the background. love that pup :D

so that is what i wore wednesday friday wednesday. whatever. :D next time i will have the forethought to use a real camera and maybe dress up a little more!

of course i am linking to the pleated poppy.


  1. I like the outfit! Be careful though... WIWW is addicting! :) I find myself dreaming about what I'll be wearing and how I'll get the perfect picture!

  2. Your necklace really is beautiful! Love the cardigan...ruffles and a little color feels good! I'm off to look around your blog! Hugs! ♥

  3. This is only my 2nd week at it and I hope I get better at it each week!! It is making me think when putting an outfit together. You did great and I look forward to seeing more outfits!!


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