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my husband and i do not celebrate valentines day.

i know - shake your head.. tsk tsk at me all you want. i have been told it is weird, un-american, sad, and a travesty even.

there is a reason - and it is a good one if i do say so myself. and i do.

we aren't interested in buying into commercialized holidays and ideas. we also don't feel we should be pigeon-holed into celebrating our love for each other one day a year. let us just have valentines day every day! let us not buy flowers, cards and chocolates to show how much we love each other one day when we could do small, cheap (or heck, even free) things every day.

take yesterday for instance. my prandsome hince did this for me:

let me explain. a friend of ours needed to sell her television and stand. it is a beautiful stand but it is kind of a black hole and i wanted to paint it. (white of course) so before i got home from work he took the doors off, took the glass and hardware off the doors, and goo-goned the gunk off the top of it. he also wiped it down and got it ready to be primed.

i mean, what would capture a diy-ers heart more than that? i was so excited. so last night it went from this:

to this:

some husband i have huh? (don't be jealous of my camoflage tarp.)

and yes in case you are wondering i did prime that will oil based primer in my living room. {a million thank-you's to kate @ centsational girl for this very informative post - i have a gallon of zinsser primer now. it is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.} i have an attic fan and it was nice and cool outside last night so i cranked that baby up and it got rid of most of the bad smell and fumes. i do not recommend you do this though. i was just in a hurry and didn't want to battle the upcoming beast of a storm to finish it outside.

so this morning i packed his lunch and left him a sweet note in it before i left for work. today i will come home and he will have done some other small thing to show he loves me and that he wants to make sure i am happy (like maybe fold the towels in the dryer or sweep before bible study starts)

and yes, we are having bible study around the huge tv stand in my living room. these people are my friends. they understand me. teehee

has your husband done something sweet for you lately?

p.s. shmily = see how much i love you

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