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the quotable dave

a week or so ago the p.h. and i decided to be weird.

and by weird i mean awesome in the most awesomest of ways.

so while reading financial peace revisited, i have been jotting down (or rather, furiously typing them in my blackberry notepad) things that dave says that i find inspiring, earth-shattering and possibly life changing.

wickets of wisdom. smidgens of smart. dollops of discernment. peace puppies (as dave calls them).

i wanted to share some of them with you in hopes that you would be inspired by mr. ramsey, who, in fact, is one inspirational dude.

when we forget that our money is not our creator - that instead we are supposed to create with it - we wreak havoc in our lives.

if you take time off and call it a sick day when you are not sick or if you work half-speed when the supervisor is not watching, you are guilty of theft. you steal from the company that supports your family, but worst of all, you steal from yourself and make a statement about who you really are.

i will be back every week or so with a few more of these little nuggets of notability.

be weird!

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