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flippin switches

i am learning the power of making teeny tiny changes in my home that make a big difference.

because really, i can't do it all in one weekend. especially when it is faareeeezing {teeth chattering} cold outside and all you really want to do is curl up on the couch with the hubs and some hot chocolate and watch a movie.

and.. spray paint cans are way to cold to hold when it is cold outside. i like to think i am dedicated and hard core but folks... i have to draw the line somewhere.

so i was getting ready to cook dinner the other night and took a good hard look at my stovetop. there was alway something about it that irked me but i could never figure out what it was. so instead of just cooking inside, outside, around and on top of the salt & pepper shakers and spoon rest i decided to change something.

i house-shopped until i found this little beauty - a lovely green trivet given to us by chris' grammie... i love treasured family heirlooms... i especially love them if they are useful and i can look at the all the time. {read: i am pretty picky about what i consider a family heirloom... must to my family and husband's consternation...}

i know it is probably not old, antique or vintage really. i know it probably came from wal-mart or (if you are from oklahoma you will know this one) reasors. but i do know that looking at it while i cook gives me warm fuzzies and that is what matters.

so i moved the salt and pepper shaker to the trivet and added the bottle of olive oil to give it some height. that bottle was a gift from p.h. who thrifted it at a garage sale. {he doesn't know it but that bottle is one of the reasons i married him... well he probably does now.}

and now my stovetop is nice and clean. ok... nice and uncluttered and the workspace is freed up. it is nowhere near clean.

sidenote: i bought some stovetop cleaner the other day and now it shines like the top of the chrysler building!

and to leave you with a happy thought, this little piece of joy is stuck on my cooktop everyday all day. it makes me happy.

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