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what is it about blogging that makes us think we can just make up words on a whim?

i don't know but i like it. :D

anyhoo - after reading sarah's post over at thrifty decor chick yesterday i had a light bulb go off.

my lunch - chips, sonic dp, panola hot sauce and dave ramsey
if she can do it, why can't i?

so prandsome hince and i sat down, worked out a budget and we are turning our finances over to dave ramsey. we are going to be weird. we are going to be cashtastic. and one day (three years is our goal) we will be debt free.

i. can't. wait.

so. i guess this will make my crafting/diy-ing/before-and-after-ing much more of a challenge and much more fun.

i. can't. wait.

it will be so so SO worth it to hit "submit payment" on that final student loan. it will be so so SO worth it to live without a car note. it will be so so SO worth it to afford a nice vacation that we paid for, in cash. it will be so so SO worth it to work part time after having kids because we don't have debt.

so so SO worth it. gotta get back to reading.

thank you again sarah for the inspiration. woman - you rock my socks off!

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  1. Yay! We are *huuuge* Dave Ramsey fans. Totally turned our life around! It's so worth it - but you have to commit to sticking through the first few months that are the toughest. You can do it!


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