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the plunge

so i finally put in a request with the p.h. (prandsome hince, ahem...) to go look at paint samples this afternoon after work.  it went a little something like this...

r: so before we go to sam's, can we just swing by lowe's or home depot and look at some paint chips.

p.h.: (after a long pause and exxagerated sigh...) i guess

r: its just looking at paint chips. i just want to look at colors.

p.h.: which room is it for?

r: i dont have a particular room in mind. i just want to get some inspiration.

p.h.: ooohhkkkaaayyyyy

is it really unreasonable for me to want him to go look at paint chips? i mean... im not buying gallons of paint. im not ripping out walls of ugly paneling and replacing it with sheetrock (but seriously? don't tempt me!!) i just want to look at paint colors and maybe pick one out that i like and maybe committ to painting a room in our house. no i don't know which one and no i don't know what color! but i want to dive in and get started! i am tired of watching everyone elses houses evolve! i want to do something!!

ugh. i love you darling p.h. but come on! i just want to paint!!

how do you get your husband on board to tackle projects? please share your secrets!

do you just tie him down and do it? do you ask for permission or forgiveness? when he rolls his eyes (whether really or just in the way he says something) what do you say? (in all seriousness my husband does not roll his eyes but you know what i mean...) i need his support and help in some projects but sometimes we are just on different pages. help!


  1. Great topic! My husband loves Lowes and Home Depot anyway, so I can look at paint chips while he goes off and looks at... power tools or something.

    But when it comes to actually painting - then repainting if I didn't like it the first time? I've found nothing that works better than bribery. And whining. :)

    Can't wait to see if anyone else has good tips!

  2. My tactic was to go buy everything, start painting everything I can without getting on the ladder then proclaim a newly discovered fear of ladders and step stools. By this time everything is in the middle of the room and the lower 6 feet of wall is painted, so they have no choice. Bwahahahahahahahaaaaaa! <-- Evil laugh. :) Good luck!


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