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natchez, mississippi

this weekend i was reminded how much i love my prandsom hince (even when he hacks my blog) when we visited a tiny historic town in mississippi called natchez.

(yes.. i was hacked by hubby while i was cooking him breakfast. sneaky little husbands!!)

we drove over the mighty mississippi river on this beautiful baby... 

which looks like this at night...

and you can see the lights from it shining a bright spot in the clouds literally 30 miles away. we seriously thought we were going to be abducted by aliens. seriously though. if for no other reason, you should visit natchez by way of louisiana just so you can drive over this beautiful bridge. it is a masterpiece.

there we met up with our friends jared and alina at the natchez eola hotel. this hotel opened july 1, 1927 and is listed on the national register of historic places. it has quite a history which you can read all about here.

we had dinner at biscuits & blues which is about a half block west of the hotel. they are famous for, yep you guessed it, homemade southern biscuits with their amazing buttery fruity concoction to spread over it and live blues music. we managed to spend the entire evening there until they kicked us out when they closed. we were overserved, laughed, cried, spilled entire glasses of water and caught up with good friends (who we plan to do this with more often.) the best part is we have decided to keep our destination natchez since there are so many interesting places to stay, local places to eat and plenty of things to do to keep us entertained. so maybe i will start a series about the places we visit and the things we do while we are there! :)

jared and the prandsom hince
me and alina
 we slept in the next morning and had brunch at the carriage house which is located on the grounds of stanton hall, one of the many many plantation homes in natchez.

stanton hall
and because i love food and i especially love to photograph delicious food here is what alina and i had for brunch/lunch that day...

sliders with jalapeno pimento cheese and bbq sauce
blt - thick cut bacon, spring mix and fresh tomato with brie cheese, homemade potato chips and a homemade pickle
alina had the sliders. i think my favorite thing about her meal was the adorable mason jar with the delicious bbq sauce in it. i had the blt and it was good but let me just tell you how amazing that pickle was. i happen to be quite a fan of all items pickled (pickled carrots, pickled garlic, pickled beets, dill pickles, cornishons, bread and butter pickles... i mean stick it in a jar of vinegar and i will most likely enjoy it. but this was the perfect balance between a sweet bread and butter pickle and a sharp, tangy dill pickle. i don't know what they did but it was downright amazing.

my husband also got the blt but instead of the "t" he asked for a fried egg on the sandwich. our waiter thought he was crazy and laughed at him. however, the chef (chef bingo starr, who alina and i swear has been on the food network) personally visited our table to see who ordered the egg on the sandwich. he said, and i quote:

"i originally had an egg on that sandwich when i made the menu and my wife thought i was crazy. man - i love that shit!"

please excuse the language but it had to be included so you could get the full effect. and we happened to be sitting next to a table of quite well-to-do fancy older women who heard this ghastly comment and twittered and blushed when he said it. it caused quite the stir!

do you ever do a quick weekend trip? where do you like to go? if you ever get the chance to visit natchez i highly recommend it!

i am linking up at tatertots and jello's weekend wrap up party today!

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