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the chips are on the table.... er.. walls...

so after an inspirational conversation with p.h. yesterday... i met up with him at home depot and sent him off to the power tools while i looked at paint chips. (thank you kelly - it worked!)

i really didn't have anything particular in mind when i went to look as far as what i was going to paint or which rooms they would be for. i just looked at colors i really liked and chose a few from there. once i got home i decided what they would be for and it actually (to my surprise) worked out pretty well!

these are hanging in my living room. the colors are as follows:
Martha Stewart Bedford Gray (MSL246)
Glidden Misty Moonstone (GLN34)
Martha Stewart Chinchilla (MSL264)

i am really really loving the bedford gray. it's my favorite so far but i am waiting to make a decision on this afternoon when there will actually be sunlight in the living room. i took this picture at 6 a.m. {crazy yes i know} and there was nothing but ceiling fan light.. so there may be some better pictures coming later.

these are hanging in p.h.'s bathroom. i am planning a renovation on this room this year because it is the smallest and least daunting of all the rooms. colors are as follows:

Glidden Slate Green (GLN37)
Martha Stewart  Flagstone (MSL247)
Glidden Wood Smoke (GLN40)

i love the wood smoke - it is pulling ahead but the slate green is a close second. thinking about painting the small shelf i have in there with the slate green. the plan is to have 60" tall board and batten with the paint color above it. i am going to replace the sink and vanity and there is quite a large mirror (along with the vanity mirror) that i am either going to remove or frame out. haven't quite decided that yet.


these are the choices for the cabinets in the kitchen. i am thinking an antique-y white on the top cabinets and a gray on the bottom. we have dark gray laminate countertops that look like granite so they are staying. they also have flecks of silver, white and light gray in them, hence the color choices.

colors are as follows:
Glidden Antique White (GLC14)
Glidden Parchment White (GLC27)

i am having some reservations going with an antique white on the cabinets because i have an ultra white stove and microwave. {the fridge is stainless} i am afraid the ultra white applicances will make the cabinets look dingy or dirty and there isn't a lot of natural light to brighten the space up. (just a small window over the sink). thoughts?

in that respect, i am also throwing the first sample here as a contender for the cabinets. it has a blue undertone that i think might not disagree so much with the appliances. (color is Stone White by Glidden (GLC30).

and finally for the bottom cabinets these are the two samples i am toying with. colors are:
Behr Elephand Skin (UL260-5)
Behr Ashes (UL260-9)

front runner so far is ashes (on the right).

so there you are folks.. the chips are on the table. thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. Glad you were able to lure him in with the power tools! haha :)

    I can't wait to see what you choose! I bet the white upper cabs and gray lowers will be incredible!


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