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decorating above the china hutch

edit to add: about three point five seconds after i hit "publish" i realized i forgot to add sources to most of the photos and now i can't find them again. so if you are reading this and i accidentally thieved a photo from you without saying where it came from, please forgive me and leave a comment. i promise to give credit where credit is due!

i think today will be the day that i really pull out the guns and christmas decorate. hopefully i will have a chance to take pictures and blog about that soon! life in the neathing our fest household has been hectic to say the least. hopefully after the first of the year things will be a little less manic all the time. :)

in the mean time, i have been looking at pictures to get ideas for a friend of mine... the same friend who bought the china hutch in this post... asked me for ideas on how to decorate the top of it.

source: miss mustard seed
i love a big white platter on a stand. so pretty and calm and pretty. aaahhh...

who would have thought to hang the platter (sigh again...) on the wall above the hutch. so lovely. and of course the bird cage makes my heart skip-a-beat.

source: thrifty decor chick
 more white platters (are we seeing a trend here?)

not only do i love the covering on the glass of the doors, but the large print on the top of the hutch also makes me smile.  it seems a little empty to me.. maybe some apothecary jars filled with metallic and natural what-sits?

i know this is halloween themed... but i am in puffy heart love with the picture frame/wreath idea that i am seeing everywhere and the cloche and the apothecary jars and the white pitcher and.... yes i could go on forever. how beautiful would all of that be on a china hutch?

again with the large print. i also like the idea of two large vases (or maybe one more since i think things should be grouped in threes or fives) but i don't like the vases themselves.

love love love milk glass. and the huge bowl of silver something-or-anothers. i need to figure out how to light my china hutch. it would make a world of difference.

not a big white platter, but i like the collection of antique items here. also not a fan of the fake greenery that kind of over takes everything.

source: southern living home
looky here. another big white platter on top of a china hutch. i die.

the cake stand and tall cloche and the white pitcher are my favorite here.

i realize my friend may not share my style choices (but really, who doesn't love the all white platter. its a staple people.) but i think this is a good collection of things to start with.

a large piece - a platter, a print, a large clock, picture frame and wreath, bird cage
medium pieces - grouped in threes or fives - apothecary jars, antique finds, pitchers
small pieces - things that can be seasonally changed to transform the look of the hutch (pumpkins, fall leaves, christmas ornaments, hearts, stars, pinecones, etc.)

i am on a mission now to get my china hutch in shape for christmas. yay! :D

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