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the vintage pearl and the filing cabinet

i absolutely love everything erin at the vintage pearl creates.

she has such an old soul and a contemporary mind and i think that combination helps her create some of the most perfect and beautiful jewely I have ever seen.

see here, her newest creation:

i love the font she chose, with its little curly q's, and the irregularity of the shape screams one-of-a-kind to me! the freshwater pearl adds just the right amount of drama and girly-ness and the simple chain only completes the feel of the necklace and doesn't take away from it.

wouldn't you just wig out to own one of these???

go over to her b-e-a-uuutiful blog today and enter to win one of three she is giving away! :D tell her i sent you! hehe...

on a completely different note, i spent about an hour last night sanding down a filing cabinet that my auntie kay bought me while i was in georgia a couple of weeks ago. i tried to take a before picture but my camera did not want to cooperate. i ended up taking one with my cell phone after i sanded it down and it looked much better than any i took with my actual camera! anyways, here it is, after sanding:

note the macrame chair in the background.... my husband's grandmother made that. pretty cool huh? we have four of them and we puffy heart love them.

the top is a door that opens with a shelf in there. if i can fit my printer in there i am going to hide it there. the bottom is a filing cabinet drawer where i will keep our important documents. i have been searching for something like this for a while. we currently keep our papers in a paper box. it is not pretty. i am quite tired of looking at it actually. so, needless to say, i am very excited about getting rid of the paper box and getting it all moved into this soon-to-be beautiful piece!

the plan is to paint it white, distress, glaze and replace the hardware. i will have a post hopefully up this weekend about the entire process. (my first before and after... im um... KIND OF EXCITED.)

1 comment:

  1. That cabinet is going to look great! I can't wait to see the after after.


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