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Menu Plan Monday

i love to plan menus. one menu i recently planned was a menu for our vacation at Possum Kingdom Lake.  it looked a little something like this:

PK menu plan :D
it was so detailed that all the blue text directly linked to the corresponding page in the workbook with the recipe, along with WW points and nutritional information. i am only slightly ocd. (yeeeeaahhh right, i'm not fooling anyone but myself there...)

so, why on earth is it that i am able to plan such a detailed, three-meal-a-day menu for a vacation but i cannot for the life of me plan a dinner menu at home. i just don't understand. we eat dinner at home a measely four nights a week, and one of those is snacks for bible study. it's not like i am planning for a family of 6, it is just me and my pransome hince. what the q, right?

so today i am making a promise to myself. if i don't do any other blogging during the week, i am going to join in on menu-plan mondays.

monday: dinner at mamaws - a family has taken us in, God help their souls, and they feed us every monday night.
tuesday: bible study - snack night. buffalo chicken dip with celery and carrots and ham and cheese finger sammiches
wednesday: parmesan encrusted chicken breasts/tilapia with sweet potato fries and broccolli
thursday: grilled turkey medallions, green beans, mashed potatoes.
friday: dinner with the warners - chili dogs before the football game. :D
saturday: cinnamon rolls for breakfast; lunch on the go (we are feeding the homeless with the youth this saturday. i should probably just fast for the entire day to appreciate what little bit of grace God chooses to give me...) and dinner will be a toss up of leftovers with some sort of protien thrown in there.


just figured out why i am so horrible at this.

i make these plans and go to the trouble of making sure we have all the necessary ingredients and seasonings etc etc and then i remember, like a ton of bricks, that my dinner schedule and hubby's dinner schedule do not coincide.

wednesday nights he has choir practice. thursday he is going to the deer lease to help set up feeders, mow right-of-ways and set up his deer stand. that is two nights that i have planned thrown right out the window. he will probably not be back in time for dinner on friday either. so that leaves.... um. no days to plan for except saturday.

and i am really thinking about fasting.


i will try again next week.


regardless of the turnout, the effort should be appreciated. i am linking to org junkie. :D


  1. I have a similar dilemma in that my husband isn't home until late but I still have to feed the little monkeys that live with me. I have decided I'm planning/cooking dinner regardless of whether everyone eats at the same time. It saves us money and helps us make healthy choices. Good luck in your efforts!

  2. So many of my menu plans went that way! I get all excited about the recipes I'm going to make and shop so we have all the ingredients and all then find out that I have a meeting one night, and hubby is going to trivia with the guys, then we get invited out with friends, etc and I have a lot of rotting produce and still frozen meat but the recipes no longer seem like a good idea the next week. I'm with you girl! Feeding the homeless sounds great, I think fasting might be spiritually fruitful that day.

  3. Just a little side note...if anything you planned on your weekly meal plan is freezable why not go ahead and cook it and put a serving of it in the freezer for those nights when the schedules don't mesh? That way you could still eat healthy but wouldn't necessarily have to go to all the trouble of full fledged cooking. :)

    Here from MPM


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