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Free Thing and Paint Mishap

i read about this over at the nester's website. totally legit.

sidenote: did you know that {legit} is not a word. look it up. i dare ya.

you go to the one kings lane website (<--- just click here, made it easy for ya...) and register and boom! $15 dollar credit to your account. go ahead, shop around. that $15 goes towards anything on their website, but it can get you these frilly little bakers:

or if you are rich you can get this nice little dish for only $3.

all you have to pay is shipping and handling (which is $7.95.) not a bad deal for pretty baking dishes! 

and if you share this information and tell them i sent you (my email is skye.nicole@yahoo.com) i get another $15 dollar credit. so go ahead and share the word! :D

as for the painting mishap.

someone please slap me. i promise not to hit you back. i totally deserve this.

i am completely embarrassed by this. i went to walmart in a huge rush on my lunch break the other day. i bought a gallon of dutch boy paint. i picked that one because it has the neat pour-spout thingy. i didn't read the label. i thought it was white paint.

it is a tintable base. duuuurrrr. so now i have a gallon of tintable base in my carport. and i can't work on my filing cabinet. duuuuurrrrr. does anyone know, if i take it back to walmart, if they will tint it for me? even though its been opened and i don't have the receipt? help!

im really dumb.

but, i did get a free baking dish. :D

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