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the vintage find

so, remember the other day when i was raving like a lunatic about the vintage find?

here is what i got:

maple syrup buckets (to be used to hold stuff on a future potting station i have in mind...)

the sweetest little milk glass lamp to replace the one that broke when we moved last year

such a cute little green, metal stool, to sit beside my new work station in my kitchen.

this lovely, sturdy chair to go to my desk.

what desk?

oh, this one. the one i got for free.

yep. zilch. zero. nada. not a penny spent. a friend of mine had this custom built as a vanity for her bathroom and decided she didn't like it anymore. she ripped it out (there is lovely spots on the side from where it was glued to the bathtub) and got a antique vanity from a local shop. i saw it in her living room (on it's way to the side of the street) and managed to save this beauty in the knick of time. it's just exactly what i was looking for. so simple and the right size. 


the desk and the chair will be getting a fresh coat of white paint and some distressing, along with some fabric updating. before and after coming soon for those! :D

oh, and my friend who went with me (and declared beforehand that she really wasn't going to buy anything...) bought a china hutch.

i know right? looks sort of like this:

i didn't take a picture of the real thing. completely forgot. but this is perdy close to the real deal. now, are you ready for this?


yeah. i said it. what?

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