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Possum Kingdom Lake

we have been on a much needed vacation. after all of the horrible, wonderful, stressful things that have happened to us this summer, i do not hesitate to say that we deserved one.

hell's gate
 my husband, who recently graduated from seminary, and i got together with three other couples that we have met through his years at SMU. we have decided to make a yearly outing together where we can get away (preferably somewhere without cell phone or internet access) and relax! this was our inaugural year.

everyone on the trip but me. i was taking a needed break from the sun.
 i must stay we started with a bang and that this year will be hard to beat. 
the valenta lake house
we stayed at a lake house at possum kingdom lake in graham, texas.
 it was so nice, quiet and peaceful.
we spent the entire week riding in the boat

john and mara

me, alina and mara

floating in the lake...
the always reliable life jacket diaper
playing with legos...

and playing with our dog, rebel
rebel man, aka tumpkin 1
this was his first outing on the boat and needless to say, he totally enjoyed it! as long as that little yellow bouncy rubber ball was in sight he was in heeler heaven!

rebel climbing in the boat for, oh, about the hundredth time

 seriously. i have had him five years. in all those years, he has never so much as sat down in the back seat of the car. there are too many other cars to chase and worry about. after this week, he slept the entire way home.

my lovely husband
 we also ate like kings. um. actually, health conscious kings. one couple is on weight watchers and another couple is expecting so we tried to keep the meals light and healthy. lots of food on the grill and lots of lean proteins and veggies.

steak kabobs
beer can chicken
low fat peanut butter icing

jared and alina

pransome hince and rindercella
the boys: jared, chris, rebel and john
the girls: me, alina and mara

 on the last night we watched the sunset. it was beautiful!

overall, it was such a relaxing time and we really enjoyed getting away from it all.

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  1. Looks like fun! I love PK! Did ya jump off Hells Gate? Huh? Did ya?


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