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kitchen workstation

as i mentioned in this post, i can really only get work done around the house when my prandsome hince is out of town. so my first mission was to get all this cleaned up..

 so i could put this together...

 it was a lovely housewarming gift from my aunt kay and my father. my mom was going to buy it for me before she passed away so aunt kay (who, in all reality, is my mother's soul mate.. seriously) and my dad jumped all over that and it was shipped to our house about 2 weeks after the funeral.
they are so sweet!

it came in about 300 pieces. i was a little overwhelmed at first. i have put together BYO furniture before but never anything this complicated. 

 (any good ideas for covering a dog's crate?)

i quickly started praying for an extra hand to spurt forth but it never happened. it took a lot of muffled naughty words (caused by cussing with a tiny allen wrench in my mouth while squinched in the cabinet trying to screw the top into the bottom) and several second tries, but by golly, here she is!

the cutting board on top was a wedding gift from a very skilled craftsman who is a friend of my dad.


he has actually (no jokes here) built his casket, and on the outside it say.. "casket made by contents". a little creepy yes, but the man is a genius when it comes to woodwork. unbelievable.

this is also my very first attempt at a vignette. not even close to being interesting... but it was what i had at the time, so i stuck it up there. :D

all in all, i am pleased with the cart. i am going to use it to keep my serving ware in and possibly some other stuff but right now she sits empty, but full of possibilities!

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  1. Nice work, Electronic Sky! I very much like that cart!


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