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the barn raisin

the best and worst part of having a youth director as a husband is the fact that he is gone a lot during the summer. this summer that has been particularly interesting, given that after my mom died, i was afraid to let anyone i loved out of my sight for more than five minutes.

however, i have quickly learned that the only time i can get anything done around the house that i want to do has to be done while he is out of the house and therefore, out of my hair.

so the last few weeks have been, needless to say, pretty productive for me. all of that will be in blogs to come. today is about what he had to finish before all of his camps and mission trips started this summer.

it has been given the endearing term, the barn, but it is nothing short of an aluminum building and nothing close to an actual barn. it encloses my husband's inherited woodworking tools, lawn equipment and the like.

i used it for an opportunity to try to take some "perspective shots" with my camera.

don't judge. i really have no idea what the heck i'm doing with this thing! but i had fun taking pictures. we had a "barn raisin" and a bunch of our friends came over and lovingly donated over 12 hours of their time on a very hot saturday to help us put the dern thing together. yep, this big building, came out of those three boxes.

our friends are awesome. we could have never done this without them!

yep, even the dogs pitched in.

i was so ready to have this building finished.

because i was ready to move this...

and this...


so i can officially pull my car into the carport. but we still have a long way to go!

but we did have some fun during the day, and i took some neat pictures along the way too. i know my hubby is so happy to have it done and i am glad he is happy. now that this is done, i can get some real work done! yay!

framework that goes around the doors

screws on top of a ladder

hubby being funny

where i had intended to be sitting, watching the action...
yeah, that so didn't happen.

a friend helping screw the building to the foundation...

a dewalt screwdriver. worth every penny.

the building is wonderful. my father is coming the weekend to run electricity down there so hubby can have an air conditioner and a light. very important stuff people.

anyone else ever put a building together like this? it's crazy work but very rewarding!

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