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This blog is brought to you by the wonders of the 3G network and "Titan" the truck because it is honestly the first time in a LONG time I have had 15 minutes to sit down at a "computer" and blog.

I don't know if any of you have missed me (and really, I would fall on the floor from shock if you said you did) but let me just say...


Yes! If you are reading this I have truly missed reading about what is going on with you and yours and learning what you have decorated and painted and transformed! The inner designer and outer housewife in me has been seriously withering away without my daily dose of seaside cottages and menu ideas. So I have finally broken down and given in to blogging via blackberry because it is the only way I am going to get my fix until we get our internet up and running!

We have taken early possession of and moved in to the house mentioned in my blog titled 326 Hillside (sorry - don't know how to hyperlink via mobile device...) So far we are doing good! I have about 4 boxes left to unpack and a few minor reno projects to get done but for now it has been put on hold until we actually close on the place! We had some ummm.. let's just say "issues" with the financial institution and loan officer so today we transferred it to a new bank. We are in the underwriting stage and then it has to go to the Rural Development folks but we are hoping to close by May 26, although our original closing date was requested on April 26.. It has been one craaaazzzyyy month!

May 1 was my 28th birthday and also the day we moved in to our house. The weekend of May 7th my brother graduated from NSU in Natchitoches, LA so we went Thursday night to hear him perform at the pub and then graduate Friday morning. Right now we are on our way to Dallas to my husband's graduation from SMU Perkin's School of Theology with a Master of Divinity (and the heavens opened up and the angels sang HALLELUJAH!!) So after this weekend we will FINALLY get some rest and I am so looking forward to it!!

I have a video we recorded of our new house for some friends that I am going to post tomorrow, but for now its time to jam to Beastie Boys with the hubs and fly down the interstate to my home town! Peace! :)

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