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SO exciting...

I had my first comment today!

ERIN! :) That totally made my day! :)

I was, in fact, so excited that I couldn't figure out how to publish it. It took me several tries to realize that you have to check the little box beside it before you hit publish. I though Blogger was out to steal my moment! HA! :)

Mom and I are headed to Ft. Worth this weekend to visit with my Great Aunt Betty and her son, his wife, their two dogs, and her bird, Rosie. Hopefully mom charged her camera! I want to go to a flea market and see if I can find anything interesting. I will post pictures when I get back!

I also start my new job Monday, back in Louisiana. I will have to explain all that in a later post - I have to go read and comment! :)

Have a wondermous weekend everyone!


  1. hi! 2nd comment! hehe.
    good luck on your new blog.

    i think about that History of Football comment - that was probably a joke referencing how my husband is such a diehard UT fan. I don't even remember making that remark.

    Send me the link to the blog - i'm sure my husband would love to look at it!!!

    thanks again so much - good luck with your blog!!!

  2. Hi there. I happened upon your blog from Blog Frof for SITS. (Wow, that was a mouthful) I love that you were so excited for your first comment so I absolutely needed to enhance that joy! I see you are house hunting. I'm right there with you. Your optimism is great about working with what you've found. I need to do that in our own search. I think I'm gonna have to follow you just to keep an eye on the hunt.

  3. Have a wonderful trip and good luck with your new job! Isn't it fun sharing all the details on your blog? And you'll love all the new "blog friends" you make, too.

  4. Have a good trip! And good luck on your maybe new house!!

    Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!


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