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In the very, very small town of Sanctuary, Texas lies one of the best antique stores I have ever been to.

I don't know if I think that because I have never really looked at an antique store the way I do now or if it was just that good! I really paid attention to the details of items and imagined them in new ways rather than what they were originally used for... or, I tried to at least.

Here are some pictures of a few of the things I looked at. Sorry if the quality isn't great - I forgot the camera and had to use my phone! Oops!

How beautiful is the fabric on this chair?! They were actually in pretty good shape (there was two) but I really liked the open back and the fabric the most about them!

I thought these would make awesome DVD or CD holders. They were $12 each, a little pricey, but the original lettering and roughed up edges were so cool. Right out of an old plumber's office.

These old leaded glass window panes would have made a great wall hanging. I just liked the patina on the framing wood and the shapes of the panes. 

Old bedsprings - they had about a thousand of then, would make such cute bud vases or great for holding small portions of french fries or something of the like, wrapped in newspaper of course.

What a great vase! I would probably have just used it for a vase but I loved the rustic silvery color and the texture.

Magazine stand - perfect for towels rolled up in the bathroom or maybe kindling by the fireplace.

This picture is taken sideways, so lean your head over to the right and use your imagination! Old glass paned doors, two of them hinged together, with the glass removed. I would hang shells and other trinkets from string and use each pane of glass as a frame. They were all chippy and really cool. LOVED it!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter! I am waiting on mom to email me pictures of the lake day, but here are a couple....

These are super happy feet!

Too cute!

More to come! :)


  1. Were we at the same antique store? I didn't see any of these things! Is this the same child that didn't want any of Grandma's "old junk"? Love ya, sweetie!

  2. That chair is my new favorite thing! The fabric is perfect and I love the look of the chair itself too! I want it!


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