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Menu Plan Monday

So everyone else out there that I can think of posts "Menu Plan Monday" on Mondays. I would love to do this! I love to plan and organize and that kind of thing... but meal planning is not my forte. Here is why:

Normally on Mondays we have dinner at Mamaw's house. Who is Mamaw? Nope, not my grandmother or great-grandmother... or Chris' grandmother or great-grandmother. Mamaw is my (get your pencils out...) my previous' boss' mother. Anyways, she cooks dinner on Monday nights and my husband and I got invited when we first moved here and it has become kind of a tradition. So, I don't cook on Mondays (to which I secretly respond, "Praise Jesus!") But this week Mondays at Mamaw's got moved to Tuesdays... which doesn't have the same ring to it. So I pulled out some hamburger meat and made some Tomato Basil Penne Hamburger Helper. YUM! We had it with green beans, applesauce, and garlic bread. My husband L O V E S applesauce and we eat it with pretty much every meal.

Tomorrow we are eating at Mamaw's.

Wednesday, Chris has choir practice so we will probably have sandwiches or pizzas or possibly run up to Taco Bell (which we are really way to old to like but we do anyways). Wednesdays just has to be really quick and easy so that we have time to cook, eat, clean the kitchen and so he can get to practice on time. It's usually a rush!

Thursdays we have Bible study - which is entitled Wiffle Ball Thursdays. Betchya can't guess what we do? So we usually all split the meals up on Thursdays so I don't usually have to cook then.

Fridays are usually an open book. Sometimes we use trade money (Northeast Louisiana Trade Exchange) and go get some handmade cheese sticks from Catfish Charlies or sometimes I thaw out a chicken breast and a filet of tilapia and we broil them and have a can of corn. I don't usually plan a Friday dinner. This Friday we are having a Human Sexuality Seminar for the senior high youth at the church, so we are having pizza. Oh, Johnny's Pizza. Yay! It is the best! If you have never had it, it is totally worth the drive to Louisiana from wherever you live to try it. Email me when you are on your way and we will meet you there with Panola's Buck-10 Hot Sauce (seriously, it is 83 cents... mental note to order 3 cases) to put on it, because it just isn't complete without it! Actually, life in general is not complete with out it. 

Insert dream sequence here.....

One of the best dates my hubby ever took me on before we got married was to the Panola plant in Lake Providence, Louisiana. It is right smack dab in the middle of a corn field. Seriously. I love hot sauce. I have a serious addiction to hot sauce. I keep a small bottle of it in my desk at work to satiate my cravings. It's a little unhealthy. But Chris understands. He took me there and made arrangements with the owner beforehand so we could tour the plant. I got to stick my finger in a huge vat of hot sauce and taste it. Chris had to hold me back to keep me from diving in... Don't worry. They heat sanitize it after it is bottled. I asked! But Panola's Gourmet Pepper Sauce is seriously some of the best stuff I have ever had.. and it comes in a GALLON. Call the law. I'm goin to break into the Panola plant...

Back to the subject....

On Saturdays our big meal is usually breakfast. Bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits, assorted jams & jellies, butter, butter and more butter. We usually don't eat lunch and then have sandwiches for dinner.

Sundays... Ha! Working in the church means that on Sundays, unless someone offers to take you out for lunch, we are stuck eating at home - whatever leftovers we can scrape together.. which this week looks like Hamburger Helper, applesauce, Panola's Gourmet Pepper Sauce, and butter. Sounds delicious to me!

So anyways, the point is that if I even consider trying to make a meal plan for the week, something inevitably gets rescheduled and I usually never recover. I'm bad about that. But I am resolving to do better. With some help from yall hopefully I will be a menu maven soon! :) 

Happy Monday - hope the rest of your week is showered in blessings!

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