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Eagle Mountain Lake & Drywall Mud

So, today we are going to ride in the boat on Eagle Mountain Lake. I am really excited.

You may not be able to tell over the computer how excited but I am seriously excited. Like, my heart is racing and I have that excited feeling in my stomach similar to the one you get when in 7th grade the boy you like calls you and the phone rings.  (OK - no boys called me in the 7th grade, but you get the drift!)

I love all things about being in a boat. I love the smell of lakewater. I love to have the sun on my face (with SPF of course) and the wind whistle in my ears. And a good, cold, beer tastes so much better when you are drinking it on a boat. I don't know what it is that causes that but it is certainly the truth. I have never been on Eagle Mountain Lake so I am going to take pictures and I will post them on here sometime this week.

Now - about the drywall.  We have the ugliest wall paper in my dining room, kitchen and guest bathroom. I'm talking, mauve & blue "old-lady" wall paper in the house we are leasing. (no offense to those out there who like that kind of wall paper - it just really isn't my thing!) If we decide to buy this house (which is more and more becoming our best possibility) the first thing to get rid of will be this old, dated, grandmotherly wallpaper. But I had no idea how I was going to do that! We tried to get the wallpaper down out of the master bathroom but the walls weren't sized before they put it up and all we really did was rip out chunks of sheetrock.


We fixed all that and we are good to go in there but I didn't know what to do with the rest of the wallpaper. Until last night! My Aunt Betty's son, Gordon, is a beautiful craftsman and can do amazing things with wood. He has constructed main infrastructures for Mary Kay's office (yes - that Mary Kay) and almost all of the JC Penney corporate office. He also remodeled Betty's house last summer. He covered the wood paneling with drywall mud and then painted it. And it is BEAUTIFUL. So he told me all about how you can just put a thin layer of drywall mud over the wallpaper, let it dry and then use a fluffy paint roller to go over that with more drywall mud to texturize it. Then you just let it dry and paint.


I was so inspired at 11 o'clock last night that I really wanted to go home and get started on it. So, now we are really considering purchasing the house we already live in since I know what to do with the wall paper. YAHOO! :)

This means we don't have to move! Hehehe...

Happy Saturday!


  1. I am right there with you about the boat thing! We are totally boat people and I just love being out on the water. It's my favorite thing about spring/summer. Good luck with the drywall project!

  2. your excitement has inspired me too! I just might try that project in the hallway... I've been wanting to get rid of that ugly stuff in the hallway. Right after I paint the kitchen cabinets and.....


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