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326 Hillside

Or, as my husband would say... Hill-siiiiide (in his most adorable but slightly not-so-perfect rapper impression of "West Siiiide - ya heard, dog?)

Let me start by saying that to all of you mom's out there who work full time, raise children, clean house, cook dinner, pay the bills and STILL find time to blog I applaud you. I have no kids, a small house, two dogs (one of whom I am neglecting while I write this... she is pushing her food bowl around the floor and barking at me), and a husband (who just interrupted my blogging so I could take my turn on Words with Friends)... and I don't know when I will blog. When I finally sit down at 9:30 at night and look at my computer, I sigh, push it away, and say "eh, I'll blog tomorrow, or maybe the day after that..."

So please forgive me for my absence. While I have not had that much going on, it has been a rather eventful week. To begin with, I started a new job last week, which I am learning quickly to hate. (I could write an entire blog on all the reasons why, so I will just leave it at that.) Secondly, we are under contract on a HOUSE! YAY! So I am going to put picture below of the HOUSE! YAY!

But before I do, let me go let the dog out... and I think the bacon is burning...

Here is the front... again you know I LOVE trees! It only has a one-car carport but I think we can make it work. It also no longer has the boat (thank goodness... my goal in life is to have a really good friend with a boat. All the fun, none of the maintenance! ;)
Here is the living room. I don't really know what to make of the mirrors (because they really do make the room look HUGE) or the random closet in the middle of the wall, but the paint color is perfect! The floors throughout (except the bedrooms) are linoleum. New linoleum.But still, linoleum. Not crazy about that but the positive is that you can lay ANYTHING over linoleum. So it will be easy to cover up... eventually!

The living room standing in the picture above but looking out. The open door leads to a looooooooooooooooooong hallway that goes to the bedrooms and kitchen. So, kitchen and living space are really far apart, but the kitchen is... Well you will see! But we are going to take that door. Our gargantuan TV will probably go on that wall and the door won't work anyway and we think it will open the space up a little bit.
Here is what sold me on the house. A brand-spanking new sparkly shiny kitchen. WAHOO! New smooth top stove and electric oven with built in microwave/vent-a-hood. Wait, what is missing. DOH! A dishwasher. So, we didn't realize that until after we put the offer on paper, but I figure with just the two of us we can make it work for a while. And when we get our tax rebate we can put a dishwasher in because there is plenty of wall space to do that in.
 Here is the dining room area that is on the other end of the kitchen. I want to open that door up and make it bigger to open the space up but I don't know if the hubs will be all about goin for that... To the right is the door to the backyard (small uncovered porch but plenty of room for a deck!) and the rather large laundry room! The opened up the carport closet and enclosed it all together to make it a big storage area. Good stuff!
Bathroom #1 - small, but with cabinet space below the sink and above the toilet. New vanity, toilet and light fixture. The only thing that really stinks about the bathroom is the tub. It's a cheap plastic insert tub. We will have to do something about that eventually but it will just have to do for now I suppose...
Half Bathroom (#2) All new everything. Don't really get the HUGE mirror but it does reflect the tiny bit of light out of the teeny tiny window (check it out in the mirror) ... Think I will just frame it out and leave it there to use in the AM to get ready. (sittin on the toilet while I do my make up.. hahaha!) Oh, and the picture is tilted, not the room. ;)
Of course there are bedrooms but you can't really tell much about them from the pictures other than the fact that they do exist - three of them actually! They also have brand new carpet in them. I would rather have laminate but carpet will do in the beginning. The only problem is it's WHITE. I don't do so well with white anything... but I will do my best. Guess I just won't be having that glass of wine in the bedroom huh.. :)

So there is the prelim tour of the new (fingers crossed and prayin like crazy) house! Now, we have to pack. 

Wait. The biscuits are still in the oven. CRAP. (hehehehe, jk!) Nothing like some breakfast for dinner! YUM!

Hope y'all all have a great week!

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