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Same old, same old...

So, this weekend proved to be unsuccessful in regards to the house hunting adventure. There was one new listing in our price range. Let me tell you about it.

First of all, we were relatively excited because it qualifies for a Rural Development loan (102% financing). One, we would not have to come up with a down payment, and two, its out in the "country". The house from the outside was cute! They had done some work to update the shutters and they had painted the inside of the carport a nice neutral color.  So, without even looking in the windows, I had a lift in my spirits. If they gave this much attention to the outside, maybe they were equally attentive to the inside.
You know one of my pet peeves? You have a house for sale. You want people to come look at it and show interest in it. WHY must you shut all the blinds and curtains? I am not ignorant. I understand that they want you to call the agent and get hooked into the system.  We already have an agent, and we really like her. I just want to look in your windows and see if it is worth her calling to set up an appointment to walk through. I don't want to waste my time or her time.
So some of the windows were closed and we couldn't see everything, but we saw enough to know that these sellers thought if you put icing on a poop cupcake, someone might still buy it.

It is three bedroom, one bath and a one car carport. This may come as a surprise to some, but evidently in the 70s, people thought it was very important for the entire family to have one bathroom. It must have been a social movement to assist people in bonding with their families after the turbulent 60s. I can really think of no other useful reason for putting one bathroom in a house. But it is really hard to find a house with more than one bathroom, especially in our price range! Anyways, it had originally been all dark wood paneling, which isn't that out of the ordinary; they had at leasted painted them all STARK white. The kitchen had been slightly updated with new formica countertops that at least looked like granite or some kind of stone.  The carpet looked kind of worn, but in OK condition. So I guess all in all, the interior was "eh, so-so". The back yard wasn't fenced in and there was no cover on the "porch" (about a 8 x 8 slab of concrete outside the back door). There was also this weird tree/garden thingy right on the property line. I couldn't decide if we would potentially put the fence through it, with half of it in our yard and half of it in the neighboring yard... or if we would just fence around it and give it all to the neighbor. It was very, very ugly and I would have lost absolutely no sleep if the fence retained a slightly c-shaped bump to keep it out.

Here is by far the FUNNIEST thing:

They spray painted the air conditioning compressor in the back yard.

Yes. Instead of replacing it with a new one, they SPRAY PAINTED it black. We were highly entertained by this and spent a good 5 minutes laughing about it.

Since it didn't have a fenced in yard and only one parking spot we have essentially put it on the back burner. It isn't completely off the list but we are going to keep it around in case we need a last-ditch resort. And the day wasn't a total waste. It was beautiful outside!

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