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New Possibility

Today we received a link to a new listing that has some real potential!

Basic Facts:
Within our budget! (This is most important!)
3 bedroom
1 bathroom
1 car carport with parking for another vehicle
1252 square feet
Nice green large yard
Good school districts

So here are a few pictures that came with the listing...

Front view of the house. It is brick veneer with a small, but covered, front porch.
I LOVE THE TREES! I hate when someone completely clears the lot - it looks naked to me.

Another view of the front.
I am especially exuberant about the cheap basketball goal.
THAT will be the first to go if it is still there!

Dining Room
 I like this because it is separate from the kitchen and has a wall for my Grandmother's secretary that holds all of her china and milk glass. I also like that there are a lot of windows and natural light.  I'm not crazy about the front door, but that is easily replaced.

Main Living Area
Small, but they have some big furniture in the space so maybe ours will fit there too?

Right now we have this monstrosoty (sp?) of a television in our living room that I am itching to get rid of and replace with a flat screen.. It literally sticks out 4 feet away from the wall and its as tall as I am. It's nice to have a big TV but I would gladly give it up for more space!

I like all the cabinet space - I have a bunch of kitchen gadgets and appliances. Counter space is at a minimum and I am almost willing to bet that around that corner is the washer/dryer connection. But I could make it work with a small cabinet under the nearest window on the right.
I have also mentally taken the cabinet doors off the top cabinets and displayed pretty plates and filled baskets with stuff in those newly created cubbies.

Strange Brick Structure
I'm not sure if this is a wood burning grill or what but if it is that is kind of exciting! Maybe we can start a pizza company! If nothing else, I think it is the good start to a  really cool thing on our new back porch. I don't know quite how I feel about it yet but I am trying to be optimistic.


Pretty plain. I like the green grass and the trees!
I also like that the porch is on the side of the house but it needs to be covered.
In the sake of being optimistic, I will say it is a blank slate
My mother will have a field day (no pun intended) landscaping it!

I won't be home from work in Texas until Sunday night, but my husband is going to go have a looksie at it this week hopefully. He knows what is important to me and important to him, so I trust him. I have a really good feeling about this house and I hope it leads somewhere better than it did last time I had a good feeling. I will be sure to keep you posted!


  1. What a neat possibility! It seems to have a lot of charm and potential! Do they call that style of house bungalow?
    Where in Texas are you working?

  2. It does have a lot of charm and potential, but after hubs visited it yesterday, it really needs a lot of structural work. Evidently the entire house is painted wood paneling and in the bedrooms the paneling is falling off the walls? And, in the kitchen, they nailed the cabinets to the paneling and not the studs so they are also falling off the walls... He said "The pictures don't tell the real story.." We are keeping it on the list (I mean, I would like to learn to drywall.... hehehe) but gonna keep looking.

    I am - well was - working in Longview, TX. Yesterday was my last day and now I am going back home to Louisiana to be with the husband and start my new job on Monday. Super stoked about that!


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